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Campaign Management

Many companies run multiple outbound dialing systems across multiple sites - managing which customer records go to which call centers can begin to become a very complex and time-consuming task. Often companies need to change their dialing records or campaign design instantly - a company performing debt collections, for example, might need to know instantly
if their mail room receives a check

containing a payment, or if their inbound agents receive a call from the customer making payment. Since dialers tend to run on data which is separated from the main customer database
the dialer will never know that the payment was made and will dial the record incorrectly. Alternatively a company may need to call a customer immediately in response to them filling in a
web based form.

For disaster recovery, large companies may need the ability to respond instantly to move their calls from one call center to another should a disaster or major event occur. Companies may
wish to share campaigns across many sites, dynamically, from a central location.

Enterprise Campaign management solutions allow customer to provide a centralized control point for all data to be sent to one or multiple dialers. Rather than sending down all customer records at once to the dialer, ECM solutions provide a real time feed to the dialer, sending only a handful of records at a time. Together with advanced filtering features, real time status information, ECM solutions are a powerful tool which greatly simplify the management of complex dialing campaigns..